Toniolo students learning Scratch at LabCD with Pisa CoderDojo

On 16 February 2017 two classes of Toniolo school, accompanied by teacher Cristina Morelli, took part in a coderDojo held by Pisa CoderDojo association. The initiative was organized and hosted by LabCD at the University computer lab.

After a brief discussion about how young generation uses digital devices to learn and play, the students, all aged 11-12, connected to Scratch web interface and took their first lesson of coding.

At first mentors of Pisa CoderDojo taught the basics of programming with Scratch and explained the tools of the interface then, after several instructions, blocks of code, variables, iterations, brilliant ideas and even few bugs… the students built their first animation!

In the final part of the dojo they were able to develop an interactive table tennis video game!

Students were really excited for the dojo and had a great occasion to learn a new way to interact with computer.

The CoderDojo ended but the adventure goes on… Everyone can register to Scratch website and become a real coding ninja!



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