DIFI dog is the mascot of the project “A Digital Journey in Europe”. Difi got her name after four countries in Europe: Denmark, Ireland, Finland and Italy. Difi had ten beautiful puppies, they’re all called Difi as well. Difi’s puppies are living in ten different schools in four different European countries.
The puppies are keeping contact each other and communicate through digital communication. Hereby they tell each other about their lives and cultural encounters – send mails, pictures, films etc. This is where the students play an important role in telling facts about their lives and becoming aware of other countries experiences.

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Coordinator: Søhusskolen, Odense, Denmark
Period: from February 2016 until the end of the project
Activity aims: sharing, writing, video, pictures, letters, digital content

Students activities


Irish pupils from Sacred Heart, St. Mark’s and Lissivigeen were really excited about sending on information about themselves and their schools. They made three beautiful presentations with photos and captions.

Then DIFI enjoyed some freetime with students from Lissivigeen National School!

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A selection of DIFI in Ireland

Our school starring DIFI, Sacred Heart Senior National School
DIFI tour of St. Mark's, St. Mark's Senior National School
DIFI at Lissivigeen National School
DIFI's adventures around Ireland , Lissivigeen National School
A family weekend, Lissivigeen National School


Danish pupils from Provstegårdskolen in Odense have made two films, one featuring their wonderful school while the other deals with an exciting weekend…

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A selection of DIFI in Denmark

DIFI at our school, Provstegårdskolen, Odense, Denmark
An exciting week-end, Provstegårdskolen, Odense, Denmark


Italian students worked very hard writing down many letters and taking many pictures with DIFI. They took him to visit their schools and their awesome cities.

Here is a selection of the presentations and videos made by pupils

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A selection of DIFI in Italy

DIFI around Pisa, Toniolo school, Pisa
DIFI goes into the past and meets Galileo Galilei , Toti school, Pisa
DIFI goes into the future and meets..., Toti school, Pisa
DIFI at Verdi and Tommaseo schools, Verdi and Tommaseo schools
DIFI visiting the exhibition "Matisse and his time", Tommaseo School Torino
DIFI at Caduti di Cefalonia


Finnish pupils from Kriivari school went out for a forrest walk in Rivonmäki. DIFI had never seen so much snow before! After the walk DIFI went to a special disco night…

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A selection of DIFI in Finland

A walk in the snow, Kriivari school
DIFI at the disco, Kriivari school