Microsoft Powerpoint – A Tool for Digital Storytelling

Many of you may have used Photo Story 3 for digital storytelling in the past. However, Photo Story 3 is no longer available or supported by Microsoft on newer operating systems such as Windows 10.

Powerpoint 2010/2013/2016 has a facility to export a Powerpoint project as a video. Teachers/pupils can record narration on each slide like one could do on each picture on a Photo Story 3 project.

The Tutorial can be found in the section Technologies.

Hope teachers and pupils might find it useful for Difi, International Cookery Book and other activities.

One thought on “Microsoft Powerpoint – A Tool for Digital Storytelling

  1. Just a quick update on using PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint 2016 to create a video, the default setting when creating the video is to save it in mp4 format. However, if using Movie Maker (Windows Live Essentials) for further editing as I suggested can be done in the tutorial, I have found that Movie Maker can have problems with mp4 video files where one hears the audio but just get a black screen when playing the video. An Internet search confirms that many users of Movie Maker have experienced similar problems when using mp4 files. Usual solution from Microsoft is to update display adapter driver files but this doesn’t always work. My suggestion is that if you are going to bring the file(s) into Movie Maker for further editing, perhaps you might want to combine two or more presentations, save the PowerPoint exported files in wmv (Windows Media Video) format. This can be done, by clicking on a drop down arrow beside the mp4 file extension. The files will be larger, but I found this as my best solution. Movie Maker has many options for publishing videos and saving, offers options for YouTube and Vimeo in mp4 format which should work well.
    Hope this might save others some grief.


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