Difi goes on a trip to Ross Castle

Difi visits Ross Castle with Lissivigeen Fourth Class

This is Ross Castle which is a famous place in Killarney. This castle was built around 1470 for a local chieftain and his clan, the O Donoghue Ross.

This is Difi with Fourth Class at the wall of the castle. We went for a tour of the castle first and then we went for a walk around the Copper Mines. It is still called the Copper Mines even though mining finished here around 200 years ago.

After the tour of the castle we went for a walk.

There were lots of blue bells and wild garlic to be seen. Difi loved the smell of the wild garlic and the beautiful colour of the blue bells.

This is Difi in the Wild Garlic

This is Difi in the Blue Bells.

This is Difi Taking a break beside Lough Lein.

We then went skimming stones on the lake with Difi.

We then went to see the Copper Mines.

We then went to Governor’s Rock where Difi had a great view of Lough Lein.

We then set off for home through the beautiful woods.

Now we are back at Ross Castle waiting for the bus to come to bring us home. We had a great day out with Difi.

By 4th Class pupils at Lissivigeen School.

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