School “Caduti di Cefalonia”, Turin

The school is a middle school in the area of South Turin. It was founded in 1974 with the aim of remembering and commemorating a group of Italian soldiers who were killed shortly after the end of the Second World War on the Greek island of Cefalonia by a group of Nazists .

It has got two buildings in the same area:one in Via Baltimora and a smaller one in via Negri. In the current school year(2016-2017) the school is attended by 852 students (638 in via Baltimora and 213 in via Negri).About the 12% of the students are not Italian , 70 % come from the nearby area and 20% come from other parts of the town or outskirts.

Ms. Simona Protonotari has been the Principal since 2010. The strength of the school is  the care towards  disabled people and foreign people as well as special needs and weak ones.

There are also excellences in music courses where students won many prizes in the violin, the guitar,the flute and the piano competitions around Italy and Europe. Students who want to enroll this specific music course should pass an entry test.

People involved in the project:

  • Principal Mrs Simona Protonotari
  • Mr Flavio Conforti, web coordinator
  • Mrs Federica Zeppegno, Erasmus plus coordinator,
  • Mrs Cinzia Pressenda, English teacher
  • Mrs Silvia Bonfanti, English teacher
  • Mrs Enrica Forno, Italian, History and Geography teacher
  • Mrs Fulvia Pazienza, Art teacher
  • Ms Alessandra Bricarello, Art teacher
  • Ms Paola Nepote Fus, Maths and Science teacher

A Digital Journey in Europe

The project “A digital Journey in Europe ” has been written  during a meeting held at Caduti di Cefalonia in 2015 by some of the actual partners. There will be a mobility in Turin in March 2018.

Some classes have been involved in the project and have worked on:

  • Internet Safety Week with the involvement of families
  • Christmas Cards with the help of the Art teachers
  • Difi’s stories (foto Difi and the Erasmus plus)
  • Cookery book activity planned with IC Tommaseo,the digital recipes and videos made by students with the help of the families at home
  • friendship projects and video interviews as well as the production of some posters with the help of the Art teacher and the English teacher.
  • E-twinning

During the second year of our Erasmus plus there have been teachers attending different digital courses to keep-up-to-date. A big survey about the ICT use  in teaching has been recently done to all the Caduti di Cefalonia teachers. The students have been surfing the net to get some info about the countries involved in the project (Geography, History, Festivals and eating habits,monuments and landmarks),writing stories about Difi’s adventures.

At the beginning of the new school year they will start their new e-twinning.




Erasmus plus