Provstegårdskolen, Odense, Denmark

Provstegårdskolen is a public School In Odense, Denmark. There is around 780 pupils in kindergarten to 9th grade.
The school have a pree-school and also sports classes for the 8th and 9th graders. The school also handles the teaching at the nearby hospital.
Provstegårdskolen is a school with happy, positive and derivater teachers.
The schools main focus is to create a safe space for the kids to develope their selfworth and their believe in their own abilities.

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People involved in the project

Helen Holdt: Elementary Principal
Yalcin Köycü: Pedagogue. SFO2 for the 4th graders
Louise Probst: Teacher 4th and 5th grade. Danish, Religion, History, English, Art, Reading tutor
Christina Claville: Teacher 3rd grade and kindergarten. Danish as a second language, Danish, Art, English, Sports

Main activities

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