IC “G. Toniolo”, Pisa, Italy

The Comprehensive Institute “G. Toniolo” was set up in 2001 and includes: 2 nursery schools, 4 primary schools and 2 middle schools. Its name takes after Giuseppe Toniolo, an important Italian economist and sociologist. The schools of the Institute are 7 different buildings situated in the  area between the south-west of Pisa city center and the suburbs (areas Barbaricina, CEP and San Rossore). Since 2014 there is also a Hospital School in the Oncologist Ward for children aged 6-14 (primary and middle school).

People involved in the project

     Cristina Morelli (English teacher)

     Amalia Lo Bianco (class teacher)

     Serena Poggi (class teacher)

     Graziella Barone (class teacher)

Main Activities in the project

Since the beginning of the project lots of interesting and engaging activities have been carried out and organised.

Internet Safety Week

For example for the internet safety week Prof. Giuseppe Lami from CNR of Pisa met classes and spoke about Internet Safety, cyberbullying and privacy. View the presentation: Internet Safety Presentation

On 11th December at IC Toniolo School in Pisa, Prof. Flavia Marzano, of the society “Wister” (Women for Intelligent and Smart Territories) spoke to teachers and parents about this important theme making them aware of the risks that wrong use of the network can lead. Then the Lawyer Laura Antonelli, explained the legal risks of using badly and wrongly the social networks. The event was open to teachers and parents. 

After Prof. Lami’s visit reflections and activities were made in classes and finally pupils were asked to make posters:


Due to the necessity of helping teachers of Toniolo to use the digital tools to carry out the activities of the project, the University of Pisa organised different workshops in the Digital Lab which were attended and created video tutorials available for everyone in English and in Italian to meet specific needs of Toniolo’s teachers.


Diamoci le basi!

Teachers are updated on the project at each staff meeting as our Erasmus+ –

Pupils are updated on the project and its activities during English lessons in class.

At  the beginning and end of the year a summarising report of all activities done is made.

On the school website, under “news” we report when new activities have been uploaded on the project website.

Parents, Families and the Wider School Community.

Pupils who bring DIFI home  make their parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family members participate because we have asked parents to help them with their digital works in case they have not understood what they have to do.

On 25th May 2016 we held an Erasmus seminar at school open to parents and pupils where we presented the project, the website and the activities made in the first year.

In May 2017 from 3rd -7th the TPM was held in Pisa. The programme was rich in events and partners could see good practice in the use of digitals in robotics and teaching activities-

See the program



Contact: Morelli Cristina (crimorelli68@gmail.com)