IC “Niccolò Tommaseo”, Turin, Italy

The “Niccolò Tommaseo” Institute is a downtown primary and lower secondary school in Turin. The Institute groups 4 schools (2 Primary and 2 Lower Secondary schools) in three separated buildings.The main building, that guests the offices and a Primary school called “Niccolò Tommaseo” is the most ancient and dates back to 1877. In the current school year (2016 – 2017) the Institute had 1247 students, 32 Primary school classes and 18 Secondary ones.In the last few years there has been an increase of 25% in registrations. Our students are varied, about the 9% are foreign students , the 70% comes from the nearby areas and about 30% from other parts of the city.
Lorenza Patriarca has been the Principal of the Institute since 2003.
The strength of our school is the interaction with museums and other local cultural institutions, the strong cooperation pact with students and parents and the great professional involvement of all teachers believing in it.

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People involved in the project

Lorenza Patriarca. Principal of the Institute and the person who has strongly believed in its European vision and ICT.

Marinella Innorta, Pierluigi Tufano. Our Administrative Staff, people involved in the Project whose names are well-known in the activities we planned but nobody could meet in the mobilities.

Mirella Tolentino, Maria Rosa Rechichi, Paola Richiardi, Celestino Rossi, Daniela Martinolich, Elisabetta Burlotto. Primary school teachers involved in the Erasmus project who took part in some mobilities or supported the activities in their classes.

Michela Bresci, Francesca Bianco, Monica Diamantese, Annalisa Della Portella: Secondary school teachers of the Erasmus Project involved in the digital journey.

Main activities

Activities in the project Turin mobility

  • Workshop at the Cinema Museum where all teachers could witness one of our Secondary schools lessons on cinema techniques.
  • Workshop on the Project Website by Chiara Mannari from Pisa university.
  • “Meet the Kaki Ceremony” – Revive Time

Other activities

  • Difi’s stories in our Institute and with our students and traditions.
  • Cookery Book activity planned together with “Caduti di Cefalonia” Secondary School in Turin for the Erasmus website and the digital recipes created by our students
  • e-books by some of our primary school classes following the workshop in Killarney
  • Christmas cards with partners
  • coding lessons
  • e-safety lessons and projects
  • friendship lessons and projects
  • parents meetings on e-safety topic
  • CLIL e-twinning lessons

All activities we had thanks to this project from Difi and his adventures, the digital Christmas Cards or during the e-safety week, the friendship week and the e-twinning projects are wonderful achievements and our students, their parents and us are very happy and we all feel very proud of the results.
Our students for example were asked to draw about anti – bullying pictures and messages to print and publish in our school’s next year diary.

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Contact the school

Institute toic815005@istruzione.it
Principal dirigente@tommaseo.it
Erasmus+ Coordinator francesca.bianco@tommaseo.it
Digital Coordinator animatoredigitale@tommaseo.it