How was school when teachers were very severe

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Lisa Chicone talks to us about her school experience; she went to school in Lacedonia (Avellino) until she finished the first year of middle school. She tells us about the materials she used, the clothing she had to wear, the subjects she studied and about the teachers (who were very very strict and could even slap you as a punishment!).

Nation: Italy

Topics: School

Keywords: clothing, grandma, grandmother, material, past, punishments, school, subjects, teachers, tests

Place mentioned: Lacedonia, Avellino

Period: Forties

Protagonist: Lisa Chicone, 1936

This interview was taken in Rome on 19 March 2017 by Emma Galletti e Arianna Megliola (IC Toniolo, Pisa)

Video uploaded by: martinabarsacchi

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