The cookery e-book

The cookery e-book is a presentation of the activity Cookery book and it contains a selection of recipes The epub was made with the software PubCoder by Diletta Goglia as an internship project in Digital Humanities (University of Pisa) with the collaboration of Caduti di Cefalonia school of Turin and the lab of Digital Culture of […]

The hashtag of friendship

A peer to peer lesson about friendship on social networks was taken in Toniolo school to celebrate the International Friendship Week (20th – 26th March 2017). Through videos, cartoons and discussion three secondary students aged 16, Altea Maria, Gloria and Naomi taught to students of the 6th grade class of Toniolo school about friendship on social networks: […]

Toniolo students learning Scratch at LabCD with Pisa CoderDojo

On 16 February 2017 two classes of Toniolo school, accompanied by teacher Cristina Morelli, took part in a coderDojo held by Pisa CoderDojo association. The initiative was organized and hosted by LabCD at the University computer lab. After a brief discussion about how young generation uses digital devices to learn and play, the students, all aged 11-12, connected […]

Digital epigraphy at Toniolo school

On Wednesday 18 January 2017 a workshop about Digital Epigraphy took place at Toniolo school. The workshop was organized in the framework of our Erasmus+ project ”A Digital Journey in Europe” by Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale in collaboration with the research project TSS – “Tesserarum Siscia Sylloge”. Students of the first class of the scuola media Toniolo […]

Ancient Greece, ebooks, tablets

Students of the 5th class of IC Tommaseo (Turin) experienced the app book creator for their history research about ancient Greece. They made researches about religion and Olympics in the ancient Greece and created two ebooks with texts, images and videos. Temples, sanctuaries, oracles / I templi, i santuari, gli oracoli  download epub Olympics in ancient […]

First “No Bullying at School ” National Day in Italy

Connected to the Safer Internet Day (SID) on 7th February The first “No bullying at School Day” will be held in Italy and our School will join a special event in the centre of Turin where students will bring their messages against bullying in handmade paper boats and will have a flashmob all together. We […]