A friendship week in all schools!

Schools are asked to work on posters and videos, which should be bilingual with English and the native language featuring.

Coordinator: St. Mark's SNS
Period: 20-26 March 2017
Activity aims: Friendship, sharing, respect, no-bullying

Students activities


In Ireland students have been discussing what makes a good friend and the ingredients of a good friendship...


Danish students from Søhusskolen, Højby Skole and Provstegårdskolen present digital posters and video describing the importance of friends and friendship in their school.


In Italy students worked in a very creative way: their output on friendship involve art, music, poetry, literature...


All Student’s Effort Finnish students worked in their all-school teams. Each team has students from every grade from the first to the sixth. Each team got a sheet of paper, a starting letter and an english word starting with that letter and in some way describing what friendship means. Those team efforts were gathered in the school gym and together they form a large friendship poster. Posters 1. & 2. graders Kriivari School’s 1st and 2nd graders joined for a group effort to produce simple anti-bullying and friendship posters. We gather together, molded and painted individual clay figurines which we then arranged in different positions to be digitally photographed. From those photos the students created visual posters. Book 3rd grade   Anti-Bullying Videos 5th & 6th graders

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