Grandfather talks about how school was at his days

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A grandfather talks with his grandson about the school that he attempted when hewas a kid, he tells him about how they dressed when going to school, how the punishements were, how he went to school, what he studied in the varios subjects and he tell’s hm about his school trips

Nation: Italy

Topics: School

Keywords: elementary school, middle school, punishments, school trips, subjects

Place mentioned: Nicola Pisano elementary school, Leonardo Fibonacci middle school, Florence, Uffizi Galleries

Period: Forties, Fifties

Protagonist: Giuliano Di Sacco, 15/04/1939

This interview was taken in gandfather's house on 06 January 2017 by Tommaso Franco (IC Toniolo, Pisa)

Video uploaded by: alessiobarsacchi

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